Monday, August 15, 2011

"Is the Water Over God's Head?"

An Alaska a little boy went on an afternoon fishing expedition with his father. When the sight of the shore started to shrink away, the child asked, “Daddy is the water over my head?” The father laughed and replied, “Way over your head, son.”

A few moments later came the next question, “Daddy, is it over your head, too?” This time the father heard the change in his son’s voice. The father killed the boat’s engine and sat down next to his boy. “Yes, son, it’s quite a bit over my head, too.” After a few moments, the father asked, “Son, do you want to know anything else?” The boy asked the big question, “Is the water over God’s head?” The father shared that no, water could never be over God’s head.

Life is full of transitions – moving, starting a new school year, getting married, becoming a parent, losing a loved one, starting a new job, being laid off. It’s important to let God help you in the midst of your transitions. Don’t worry that it’s wrong to be going through a crisis. In fact, it’s normal to undergo many different crisis situations in life.

Remind yourself that God sees your destination, but you can only see one step at a time. Understand that God has a purpose for allowing you to go through each crisis; he will be with you along the way. Ask God to reveal His timing for when you might leave a situation and begin a new one.

Have courage to act according to what’s best, rather than according to pressure from others. If you leave your old set of circumstances, ask God to heal your spirit so you don’t enter new circumstances carrying old wounds. Acknowledge God as the ultimate source of everything you have and trust Him to provide everything you need for making a transition.

Don’t limit the ways in which you invite God to work in your life. Be open to accepting His creativity. Remember, anything is possible with God. The water is never over His head.

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